Reverence, since the company purely operates under a Russian license, the pin-up promo code link is relevant only for citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as persons residing in the country at any time.
Very naive and durable - this is a new mirror of the casino, the transition to which is carried out automatically, subject to the blocking of the previous online platform.

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A free lottery certificate for every 100 euros of contributions, except for God ordered several indications of more than 100eur in total, adding 100eur not to the account, the guest will receive a reliable lottery certificate. no.
With it, every user is likely to draw on the rates.
And just like on any other betting site: we indicate part of the phone, come up with a slogan and confirm all this with a code from SMS.
You need to understand that when playing for real money, there is a hope of both raising a lot and not winning anything.

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